Sunday, February 28, 2010

Check it out!

Sally from my Creative Team is giving away an advance copy of my new kit: The Tooth Fairy over at DigiScrapAddicts- want to win it before you can buy it? Head on over there!

You oh-so-loyal Geek Fans will also be tickled to know that my Collab with Jennifer Fox "Geek Chic" got props for New Release Highlights over at The Simple Scrapper!

So our little plot is working ;) People are finding The Geek and loving The Geek- keep up the great work my evil minions! Bwahahaha! ;)

Friday, February 26, 2010

I scrapped! Wow!

Sometimes I DO find the time- just but rarely it seems! :) I took a quick break from designing this morning and spent some time scrapping with Allison Pennington's new Kiss Kiss.

It's Friday I'm in (Blog) love

Happy Friday everyone!

Let the blog lovin commence!

The How To Gal-
I just discovered this blog this week thanks to my dear Amy (Polkadot Plum Amy, just to keep all the Amys in my life straight!) The How-to Gal is full of tutorials and crafts, lots of really original fun things to try out. And since I'm a HUGE craft junkie, I love it- I also love all the fun quirky ideas she has- if you like to craft, check her out!

Cake Wrecks-
Ohhh the hours I could waste on this blog- the pictures are hilarious, and the captions are usually funnier. I could tell you about it, but really- you should go look for yourself, this is a totally visual experience!

The Farm Chicks-
The author of this blog spent the first years of her childhood "in a hippie gypsy wagon, hand-built by my father, wandering the back roads of the U.S., Canada and Mexico." and now she's a contributing editor for Country Living magazine- this blog is full of neat stories, great organizational tips, and lots of other really fun and entertaining stuff.

Hope you all have a lovely Friday!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Theory

A few years ago when I first ventured into DigiScrapping- if you had told me that I'd meet some of the most amazing, creative, fun, sweet, and wacky people I'd ever met in my life, I might have laughed at you.

If you had told me I'd be designing some of the fun things I was scrapping with, I'd have laughed even harder- perhaps shot milk out of my nose. (attractive, no?)

Here I am, sitting at the beginning of my design career, full of all these lovely possibilities- and sometimes, just sometimes- I feel like the world just might be my oyster. I still can't believe that I'm here, in this amazing store, surrounded by this fabulous Creative Team, and by all you wonderful Geek Fans. I'm just feeling thankful, and slightly amazed tonight at where I've landed. I can't help but wonder where I'm going... but I do know I'm glad that all you wonderful wacky people are along for the ride with me.

Life is full of crazy impossibilities, and all we can do is sit back and hold on tight! That's my Thursday Theory anyway....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Foxy Chic- new collab with Jennifer Fox!

Fresh and new today- a collab with Jennifer Fox and Geek Chic Scraps- Foxy Chic!

A fun, bright, and sassy kit absolutely CHOCK full of goodies! 20% off today only!

Also- I decided to share some of my personal scrap stash with you loyal Geek Fans- Just Say It- Volume 1. All these were inspired by my daughter, but it's pretty versatile as you can see from the layouts my fabulous CT put together!

Oh and a great big warm Geek Welcome to the newest members of my Geek Squad!
Glad to have you join the madness that is my CT ladies! I think we're going to have LOTS of fun!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Your Daily Dose of Cute + Geek Peeks!

I wasn't feeling well all week, but yesterday I finally started to feel okay again- so we bundled up and took Kat outside to go play in the snow. This mostly consisted of me sitting on our porch watching Tim pull Kat around in the sled- but we had a ball! I had to share this picture, as so few of our family pictures actually have me in them at all. Plus I think Kat looks so adorable in her little snowsuit. Cutest Marshmallow Monkey Ever!

And as promised, here are your Geek Peeks for tomorrow's releases!
Don't forget, new release day at PDP is 20% off! Be sure to stop in tomorrow to see what goodies I've got for you!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blog Love...

Really, I've spent so much time designing and scrapping and living in Digi-Scraplandia that my actual personal blog that my family and friends from back home used to read has gone completely stagnant. That's how much I love you all ;) Also, how addicted I am to Photoshop...

So you're going to start seeing more actual blogging from me (crazy, right?) but I promise to keep the lovely design goodness coming! (and freebie goodness for all you freebie stalkers- you know who you are! *giggle* and I used to be one of you, so it's okay- I won't judge you)

I not only really LOVE blogging, I love reading other people's blogs. That little window into someone else's quirkyness always makes me feel less alone in my own random nerdy strangeness.

So here are a few blogs I've discovered that I'm totally digging right now:

How 2 Stay Fat-
I seriously just found this blog thanks to Laura, and I'm LOVING it.... I've really had enough of all those diet blogs, and the exercise junkies, and all those dang healthy people- give me someone with MY attitude towards food- and then let them pack the blog with yummy recipes, a wry sense of humor, and lots of pictures... and you've got How 2 Stay Fat.

Thin girls, it's not that I hate you (I have lots of thin friends, I swear!), I'm just really tired of hearing how you're like jogging 5 miles while I sit here and eat cookies. I do truly think I have the better end of the deal- my wiggle may have a little jiggle in it- but I'm curled up in my pajamas warm inside eating cookies... while you're outside in the slush and cold running... RUNNING *shakes her head* (running is reserved only for being chased by something large and scary, or perhaps chasing down kilted menfolks IMHO)

The Design Girl Blog-
Danielle is not only a dear friend of mine, and a fellow designer at PDP- she's also a very entertaining blogger. Her candid opinions and confesssions, her sense of humor, and her style of blogging are usually good for a giggle. Her blog never fails to entertain me, and I'd read it even if I weren't her friend- so true. She also does LOTS of fabulous giveaways from Etsy-esque folks (which makes her even MORE fun) so she's definitely worth following and checking out! Now just to convince her that this geek needs a blog makeover... lol

The Simple Scrapper-
Everytime a new goodie pops up on the Simple Scrapper blog I scuttle on over to read it- and it's always worth my time! I love her Friday Finds- as well as all the great little tidbits on how to get organized and just to see what else is happening in Digi-Scraplandia! For you Freebie Stalkers- you'll want to follow this- some great giveaways and freebie templates on her site!

More blogging (and maybe more blogs to share) at a later point in time when I'm not sick- for now I'm going to go snatch a little nap while the Wee Monkey Girl sleeps!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little Man

Also, for those of you who like your felt a la carte- the alpha is also sold separately:

I also have 3 different sets of commercial use styles for your designing and scrapping pleasure:

And for those of you who want it all, you want it now, and you want it Soopa Sized- here's the Little Man Soopa Bundle for you- a 12.50 value for just 10 bucks! That's like getting a full commercial use set for FREE! (and we all like free right?) The Soopa Bundle includes the Full Kit and Alpha, plus all 3 commercial use style sets.

And just for checking me out, I have a little freebie for you, my loyal Geek Fans- a set of 10 worn papers to coordinate with 'Little Man'- Enjoy!

**This Freebie Link has now Expired! Be sure to check back again soon for more freebies!**

All these goodies (except the bundle) are also available at my GingerScraps store as well!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Geek Peek for Wednesday's Release

Coming out this Wednesday at my Polkadot Plum store and my GingerScraps store!

Keep your eye on the blog for a coordinating freebie on release day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Guest CT Call

Don't miss out!
A link to your blog, if you have one, would be helpful as well!
Call ends February 28th!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Choo Choo! All Aboard!

Welcome to the

Click the preview to access my freebie hidden in the PDP Store, just for all you blog train hoppers! Remember, this train is only active until Valentine's Day, so be sure to grab your freebies right away!**The Blog Train has ended and the link is no longer available, thanks to everyone who played along!**

And just in case you're just getting on, or got a little lost along the way:

Sir Scrapalot Designs
Polka Dot Pixels
Geek Chic Scraps
Sherry Ferguson Designs
Danielle Corbitt Designs
Susan Robinson Creative
Sweet Tomato Designs
Charlize Creations
Allison Pennington Designs
Pink Peacock Designs
Brandy Designs
Wimpychompers Creations
Jennifer Fox Designs
GSD by Lyndie Collins
Polka Dot Plum Blog

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fresh from the Geek Labs...

I have new goodies for you today a super cute kit called Forest of Love:

Plus 2 CU mega packs, one Acrylic, one Glitter:

A cute bubbly clear alpha called Clearly Dotty:

and 2 Paper Packs- Backs in Black, and Basically White- clean, versatile, and useful!

2/10 Releases- Geek Peek

I have 2 goodies coming out tomorrow at Polkadot Plum:

as well as some gorgeous CU goodness releasing at my GingerScraps store :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Releases 2/3/10

Here are the new releases from Geek Chic Scraps today- and my whole store at Polkadot Plum is 25% off all week long! Enjoy!

And for your viewing pleasure, a quick sample of the layouts my amazing creative team has been producing!

From Alix (sassynsweet):

From Rachel (prettyingreen):

From Cheryl (NativeScrapper):

From Colleen (leeners5):

From Faye (koalamama)

From Jennifer (jemy70)

Mama, I'm coming home!!

So here's my big news- today my design shoppe at Polkadot Plum officially opens! I'm over the moon happy about this. PDP has been my home, and my digi-family since before the website even officially opened! I was one of the first SugarPlums, and it feels SO good to be coming home!

So in honor of my wonderful news, my store at Polkadot Plum is on sale! Get 25% off this week only!

Also, you have a few chances to win! Check out the PDP forums for my Geek Confessionals Contest- come confess your Geekiest moments and the one that makes me laugh the hardest wins a $5.00 gift card to my Polkadot Plum store.

Alix, my fantastic Lead Geek, is also hosting a template challenge on the PDP forum. Not only do you get this awesome template for free:

but everyone who enters the challenge and submits a layout using this template gets entered to win a $10.00 gift card to my store- if you use any Geek Chic Designs in the layout you submit, you get a second entry in the drawing. Winners will be announced on 2/10/10. How fun is that??!

You can get to the challenge here:

Also keep your eyes out for more festivities and fun giveaways around Digiland! Tell your friends ;) Bring a friend, bring your mom, your dog, your sister, your college roomate! ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big News!

I have some.... but what could it be??

All will be revealed, stay tuned my Geekettes!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Feature Day Festivities

Hello my loyal and fantastic Geek Fans!

Today is my feature day over at the GingerScraps Party- and do I ever have some goodies for you!

I'll be running a game of Geek Bingo today starting at 2pm EST- what is Geek Bingo you ask?

Geek Bingo- how to play
1. Grab this card (you can just right click and 'Save As'

2. Once you've opened up the card in the editing software of your choice, you need to fill it in with some of the following words (remember, you get one free space under the flower!)

And yes, I'm going to make you scrap for this ;)

1. Geek
2. Woot
3. Scrap
4. Amazing
5. Unique
6. Quirky
7. Fun
8. Nerdtastic
9. Noob
10. Weird
11. Original
12. Doodly
13. Felty
14. Puns
15. Fan
16. Bright
17. Gamer
18. Whimsical
19. Eclectic
20. Dynamic
21. Template
22. Hybrid
23. Purple
24. Pink
25. Grey
26. 365
27. Silver
28. Flowers
29. Buttons
30. Creative

3. Once you've completed your card- save a copy, then PM me a shot of your card with the words clear so I can double check when BINGO is called. You MUST have your card in before the first word is called- I will start calling BINGO words at 2:10pm EST and keep calling words every 10 minutes until we get our BINGO.

4. You must get a line (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) to get BINGO- the FIRST person to call BINGO will be declared the winner once I take a peek at the card you sent me. So not only do you have to win, but you have to be fast ;)

Once we're done, I'll PM each player a little goodie from me just for playing along!

Here is the link to the BINGO game:

and today only you can get my new 365 kit for free before it is released in stores!

Just head on over and use the code: GeekFeature365

Edited to add: Also, I was feeling generous this morning, all my kits in the GingerScraps store are 50% off today only! Head on over there! ;)