Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blog Love...

Really, I've spent so much time designing and scrapping and living in Digi-Scraplandia that my actual personal blog that my family and friends from back home used to read has gone completely stagnant. That's how much I love you all ;) Also, how addicted I am to Photoshop...

So you're going to start seeing more actual blogging from me (crazy, right?) but I promise to keep the lovely design goodness coming! (and freebie goodness for all you freebie stalkers- you know who you are! *giggle* and I used to be one of you, so it's okay- I won't judge you)

I not only really LOVE blogging, I love reading other people's blogs. That little window into someone else's quirkyness always makes me feel less alone in my own random nerdy strangeness.

So here are a few blogs I've discovered that I'm totally digging right now:

How 2 Stay Fat-
I seriously just found this blog thanks to Laura, and I'm LOVING it.... I've really had enough of all those diet blogs, and the exercise junkies, and all those dang healthy people- give me someone with MY attitude towards food- and then let them pack the blog with yummy recipes, a wry sense of humor, and lots of pictures... and you've got How 2 Stay Fat.

Thin girls, it's not that I hate you (I have lots of thin friends, I swear!), I'm just really tired of hearing how you're like jogging 5 miles while I sit here and eat cookies. I do truly think I have the better end of the deal- my wiggle may have a little jiggle in it- but I'm curled up in my pajamas warm inside eating cookies... while you're outside in the slush and cold running... RUNNING *shakes her head* (running is reserved only for being chased by something large and scary, or perhaps chasing down kilted menfolks IMHO)

The Design Girl Blog-
Danielle is not only a dear friend of mine, and a fellow designer at PDP- she's also a very entertaining blogger. Her candid opinions and confesssions, her sense of humor, and her style of blogging are usually good for a giggle. Her blog never fails to entertain me, and I'd read it even if I weren't her friend- so true. She also does LOTS of fabulous giveaways from Etsy-esque folks (which makes her even MORE fun) so she's definitely worth following and checking out! Now just to convince her that this geek needs a blog makeover... lol

The Simple Scrapper-
Everytime a new goodie pops up on the Simple Scrapper blog I scuttle on over to read it- and it's always worth my time! I love her Friday Finds- as well as all the great little tidbits on how to get organized and just to see what else is happening in Digi-Scraplandia! For you Freebie Stalkers- you'll want to follow this- some great giveaways and freebie templates on her site!

More blogging (and maybe more blogs to share) at a later point in time when I'm not sick- for now I'm going to go snatch a little nap while the Wee Monkey Girl sleeps!


Jennifer said...

I thought your post was going to be about the t.v. show Big Love! I misread the title. lol

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