Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mooooovin on up...

I now have my very own domain, and tricked out WordPress blog- so from now on I'll be getting my blog on over there ;) Redirect your feeds and follows to:

See you there ;)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wildflower Whimsy

This may just be my favorite kit yet :) My Creative Team sure had a field day with it!

Here you go- Wildflower Whimsy- and today only it's 20% off at PDP! Go- scrap- be happy :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Summer Guest CT Call

**I want to add to the ad (heehee) that I'm switching mail servers right now, so if you don't get a response within a day that I received your application, please re-send it to: or to play it safe you can just send it straight to that address**

Do you think YOU could rock a spot on the Geek Squad?

It's time for our Summer Guest Call!
We are a fun, friendly, and crazy team of fabulous scrappers and one Soopa Geeky Designer :)

-2 Digital Layouts or 1 Hybrid Project per month. (more are always an option if you have time!)
-Post your Layouts on DSA, PDP, and any other open gallery of your choice.
-Posting Layouts on Twitter or FB is a huge plus!
-Be active and engaged in the CT forums and help sing the Geek's Praises all over Digiland (enabling, twittering, praise games, and networking)

This summer is going to be a big one in Geek Land- and spots are limited! Don't hesitate to get your application in!

If you're interested send the following info to:
A Link to your favorite gallery
Any screen names you go by
What communities you call 'home'
Which month(s) you'd prefer or would be available (May, June, July, and August are our current openings)
A list of your current CT commitments
A little about yourself and why you think you could rock a spot on our team.

Call closes on April 20th to give the team time to review applications- all letters will be sent by April 30th! Everyone will receive a reply.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm here and doing better :)

If you don't follow me on Twitter or FB- I figured I'd let you know that A) You really should be LOL and B) I am home, all is well as far as we know and I'm getting slowly back into the swing of things.

I was right, I did miss you all. :) I had originally planned to be out of touch until at least Monday, yet here Sunday is and I'm already posting (though I was around on a limited basis yesterday evening)

While I was on forced invalid status, I did a little thinking, a little sketching (some very fun kit ideas to share with you all!), and a LOT of sleeping. Lucky for me my in-laws enjoy spending large amounts of time with Kat, so she was well and truly occupied during this little episode of As the Lewis Family Turns lol.

So the thinking led me to a little resolution (let's see if I keep it) Between every kit, I want to try to scrap at least a page before moving on to the next kit. Now that I don't really do CT work any more, my scrapping is way behind. I love designing so much that I don't stop- ever (seriously, it's a little crazy) So- between every kit, a page. I can do that, right?

Well I just finished a lovely collab, so here is my scrap page :) I found some pictures of Kat from last spring that I had never scrapped and they went so well with a kit I had been jonesing for, that I decided to treat myself and kick off my little scrapping plan with some sweetness :)

(click for credits)

So now I get to get back to design work- I have some really lovely things planned for both my PDP store, and my guest spot next month. Where will I be guesting? Hmmm, that's a blog for another day- bwahahahaha!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Out of touch for a few days....

I know I don't post much personal stuff on this blog- mostly because when it comes to anything other than sharing cute pictures of my daughter and perhaps some journaling on my scrapbook pages, I'm a pretty private person. It's just in the way I was brought up :)

Right now I'm dealing with some (fairly minor) health issues, but they've got me all out of sorts and feeling blah. I found out today that I have to go in tomorrow to have some outpatient surgery, and that I'm going to be groggy and in a little pain over the next few days- so I won't be online until I'm feeling a bit better. Chatting with my friends and fans is what keeps me from feeling too homesick or disconnected- and I'm finding that I'll definitely miss you all :)

Mostly right now though- I'm feeling a little scared about tomorrow, I know it's going to be minor- and I also know I'll feel loads better and back to my goofy self soon because of it... but I can't chill out to get any sleep right now because I can't stop thinking and worrying. So if you have time tomorrow, or find you're missing your daily does of chaos and mayhem, say a little prayer for me to be calm and for everything to go as planned- or just think of The Geek and smile, that would also be good.

I'll be back soon with my mojo in full force. In the meantime I've bought a couple pretty templates and kits to keep me occupied if I feel up to scrapping- I have a pile of books, my sketchbooks and pens, and a stack of chick flicks to keep me occupied while I spend some downtime recovering. I shall be quite lonely without you all to keep me smiling...