Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm here and doing better :)

If you don't follow me on Twitter or FB- I figured I'd let you know that A) You really should be LOL and B) I am home, all is well as far as we know and I'm getting slowly back into the swing of things.

I was right, I did miss you all. :) I had originally planned to be out of touch until at least Monday, yet here Sunday is and I'm already posting (though I was around on a limited basis yesterday evening)

While I was on forced invalid status, I did a little thinking, a little sketching (some very fun kit ideas to share with you all!), and a LOT of sleeping. Lucky for me my in-laws enjoy spending large amounts of time with Kat, so she was well and truly occupied during this little episode of As the Lewis Family Turns lol.

So the thinking led me to a little resolution (let's see if I keep it) Between every kit, I want to try to scrap at least a page before moving on to the next kit. Now that I don't really do CT work any more, my scrapping is way behind. I love designing so much that I don't stop- ever (seriously, it's a little crazy) So- between every kit, a page. I can do that, right?

Well I just finished a lovely collab, so here is my scrap page :) I found some pictures of Kat from last spring that I had never scrapped and they went so well with a kit I had been jonesing for, that I decided to treat myself and kick off my little scrapping plan with some sweetness :)

(click for credits)

So now I get to get back to design work- I have some really lovely things planned for both my PDP store, and my guest spot next month. Where will I be guesting? Hmmm, that's a blog for another day- bwahahahaha!


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