Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Friday I'm in (Blog) love

Happy Friday everyone!

Let the blog lovin commence!

The How To Gal-
I just discovered this blog this week thanks to my dear Amy (Polkadot Plum Amy, just to keep all the Amys in my life straight!) The How-to Gal is full of tutorials and crafts, lots of really original fun things to try out. And since I'm a HUGE craft junkie, I love it- I also love all the fun quirky ideas she has- if you like to craft, check her out!

Cake Wrecks-
Ohhh the hours I could waste on this blog- the pictures are hilarious, and the captions are usually funnier. I could tell you about it, but really- you should go look for yourself, this is a totally visual experience!

The Farm Chicks-
The author of this blog spent the first years of her childhood "in a hippie gypsy wagon, hand-built by my father, wandering the back roads of the U.S., Canada and Mexico." and now she's a contributing editor for Country Living magazine- this blog is full of neat stories, great organizational tips, and lots of other really fun and entertaining stuff.

Hope you all have a lovely Friday!!


Jennifer said...

I have seen that Cake Wreck site before and spent a long time laughing!

The How-To Gal said...

Well thank you! I feel honored to be one of your Friday "I'm in (blog) Love" recipients :)

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