Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Polka Dot Plum is Officially Open!!!!

The Big Day has finally come!! Polka Dot Plum is Open for Business! And so is my new Blog! I thought there wouldn't be much in the world better to do to launch my blog than to use Jennifer Fox's new kit over at Polka Dot Plum- Vintage Chic- to decorate! What do you all think?

There is SO much going on for Grand Opening week- and Today I am hosting Bingo! Make sure to get down to the forum, get registered, grab a card and the list of 60 words, and fill in your Bingo Card! E-mail your card along with your user name to:
and get ready for me to start calling words off around Noon EST (allowing for everyone to get a chance to do their cards!)- once you have 10 words marked off, call Bingo in the forum and after I confirm your words in our gallery- you could win a great prize! I have more than one to give away so be sure to keep hanging out until I've given out all the Gift Certificates! There are also some other fun things going on tomorrow over at Polka Dot Plum as well:
Inspiration Challenge - Hosted by CT member, Tina (you should go, my girl T is fantabulous and fun fun fun!)
Speed Scrap - Hosted by SuzyQ Scraps, 2 pm EDT (Suzy is such a doll and if you can believe it- I've never done a Speed Scrap before! I plan to be there, how about you?)
Game: Grand Opening Bingo - Hosted by CT member, Tara (mememememe! come play with me!)
Game: Layout of the Day (all week) - Hosted by CT member, Tula
"Open House" Chat - All day

So now I get to show off all the Layouts I've been making all summer long for PDP and now I finally get to post them and show them off!

These 2 are from Jennifer Fox's Vintage Chic Kit

The following 2 are made with The Cow Jumped Over the Moon by Pink Peacock Designs

This one was made with Pink and Black Backs, Basically Grey, and Mark the Date by Suzy Q Scraps
This one was made with Prismatic Backs Vol. 1, Affix the Pics, and Mark the Date by Suzy Q Scraps
This one was made with Prismatic Backs Vol. 1, Crafty Bits, and Basically Turquoise by Suzy Q Scraps
The following 2 were made with I Need a Life by Skittles and Scraps

This one was made with My Pet Dino by Wimpy Chompers Designs
The following 2 were made with Lullaby Girl by Suzy Q Scraps

This one was made with Teatime Princess by Wimpy Chompers and Jennifer Fox
This one was made with Life is a Beach by Designs by Sunflowers
The following 2 were made with In a Funk by Gone Scrappin Designs and Amy Stoffel

And these last 3 were made with The Fresh Start Collab Kit by the Polka Dot Plum Designers!


So~Inkin~Cute said...

wow, wow, wow! Fabulous layouts!!! Really, really fabulous! I have another site to stalk whenever I am low on mojo!!! :)

Thanks for playing bingo w/ us today. That was fun!


Tara said...

That's so sweet! Thanks Candi!

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