Saturday, March 20, 2010

Winter Favorites

My friend and fellow designer at PolkaDot Plum- Danielle (The Design Girl) is doing a favorites of winter post on her blog, and I thought I'd join in the favorite fun. :)

So now that we're saying (I dearly hope) goodbye to Winter, here are your Geeky Gal's favorites!

Favorite memory:
This is a hard one for me to choose, as a mom, there are so many of those little moments that etch themselves into your memory as your kids grow, and they're all precious. I'm sure I should probably choose something more concrete than the way Kat's hair smells after her bath, or how cute she looks in her piggy pajamas- but I can't seem to! I guess for me this winter was Kat's big transition from baby to little girl- a really cool little person with her own opinions, ideas, and preferences. It's been an amazing process, and it's happening more every day. When I look back at this winter, that's what I'm going to remember.

Favorite Song:
For the winter, probably Smile by Uncle Kracker

Favorite TV show:
Hmm, I don't watch a ton of TV- but I've been watching 30 Rock and The Office pretty much all winter- I wasn't thrilled with the season openers, but I am liking the newer episodes I've seen!

Favorite Food {out}:
Zuppa Toscana from Olive Garden- in the winter it's my absolute favorite soup, it just warms me up from the inside out- and it's oh-so-yummm...

Favorite food {home made}:
I made a LOT of homemade Banana Nut Bread this year, and everyone in the house seemed to really love it. It definitely makes for a nice yummy breakfast, and I don't even have to beg Kat to eat it! I love making it with fresh whole ingredients so I know that even though it's a 'treat' to Kat, that she's still getting lots of great vitamins and nutrients.

Favorite drink:
Diet Coke- every season, every day.... yeah I'm a little bit of a junkie! Though if we're talking Winter Specific- Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte- and I know you're thinking "That's a fall drink" but I fell in love with it in the fall, and the folks at my local Starbucks were awesome enough to make it for me all winter long- I must just be really cute like that LOL

I couldn't live without my:
COMPUTER! Oh dear- it kept me sane all winter long snowed in with the baby. Getting to talk with all you lovely folks, hone my design skills, play games, blog- it's my sanity for sure. When the internet goes down in our house it's an emergency. :)

Favorite event:
My friend Jen coming up here with her son Johnny for Kat's birthday. It was such a fun week, and we spent so much time together, and getting to watch Kat and Johnny together was just a ball. It was nice to see some of my old friends again- it eases the homesickness!

So I'm ready to welcome Spring now- officially! You hear that Michigan? Keep that snow they say we're getting next week, and bring me some Springtime!!


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