Saturday, December 5, 2009

Round 3 Baby!

Yes, indeed- your favorite geek made it to Round 3 of the GingerScraps Designer Competition. This week our challenge is to use a book/song/or movie as inspiration...

True to form, the minute I found out I knew exactly what I wanted to do, as it was an idea I'd already had turning around in the back of my mind to do 'someday'

Someday is here- let's see if I can turn my creation from something in my head, to something in Photoshop ;)

Hope you're enjoying all the lovely freebies so far! You get 1 possibly 2 more out of me before the competition is over (if I make Round 4 that is) and then we'll get back to the Tuesday Freebie giveaways...

Thanks again to everyone who downloaded, made lovely comments, and sent encouraging e mails, you are all appreciated!


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